CNT is a Mumbai-based company. CNT is one of the leading Manufacturers, Contractors, Consultants; and Research Export organizations established in the year 2004.


Manufacturer & Repairer of Power Transformers

Scientific & Technical Research Enterprises

Engineering Design & Technical Consultant

Government Licensed Electrical Contractor & Engineers

Exporter of International quality products

CNT is a Manufacturer & Repairer of Power Transformers. CNT design, manufacture, repair & supplies High Tension oil-cooled type Distribution Transformers, Current Transformers & Potential Transformers and undertake sales service Overhauling, Maintenance & Testing. + Read More


Distribution Transformer

Current Transformer

Potential Transformer


Repair of Distribution Transformer

Repair of Current Transformer

Repair of Potential Transformer

Repair of Current Limiting Reactor


Spares of Oil Filled Transformer

Spares of Dry Type Transformer

CNT is one of the leading Maintenance Service providers for Power Transformers up to 220KV. CNT undertakes onsite Routine & Major Maintenance involving Repair, Overhauling & Testing of High & Extra High Tension Power Transformers up to 220KV. Since 2004, CNT has successfully carried our onsite Repair, Overhauling, Maintenance & Testing of about 1500 Nos. Power Transformer ranging from 1MVA 22KV to 60MVA 220KV. CNT executes On-Line Live-line 220KV Power Transformer Oil filtration. + Read More


Filtration, Recondition & Reclaim of Transformer Oil

On-line, Live-line Filtration of Transformer Oil

Routine Maintenance of Power Transformer

Major Maintenance of Power Transformer

Maintenance of Dry Type (Epoxy) Transformer

CNT is one of the leading Government Licensed Electrical Contractors & Engineers established in the year 2004. CNT undertake Electrical Project of Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Switchyards, Power Transformers, HT / LT Panels & DG Sets. + Read More


SITC of Swithcyard

SITC of Power Transformer

CNT is a Scientific & Technical Research entity. CNT provides services of Technical Testing & Analysis, Research & Experimental Development in Electrical Engineering. CNT provides service of Analysis of Insulation Condition, Winding Condition, and Core-Coil Assembly Condition of the Power Transformer, Distribution Transformer, Current Transformer & Potential Transformer, and Analysis of Internal Fault of the Power Transformer. Assessment of Remnant Life of Power Transformer. Analysis of Electrical, Chemical & Physical Properties of Transformer Oil. Assessment of Remnant Life of Transformer Oil. + Read More


Testing of Transformer Oil

Testing of Power Transformer

Testing of Current Transformer

Testing of Potential Transformer

Testing of Current Limiting Reactor

CNT is Engineering Design & Technical Consultant. CNT provides service of Engineering & Technical Consultancy for Power Projects installation, testing and commissioning. + Read More


Consultancy for Project Concept

Consultancy for Project Design

Consultancy for Project Tendering

Consultancy for Project Execution

CNT is Exporter of international quality products. + Read More


Supply of Industrial Oil


Filtration of Industrial Oil

CNTs customer belongs to various business enterprises of Public Sector Undertaking, International business enterprises, Multinational Conglomerate company, Public Limited company & Private industries like Automobiles manufacturer, Capital Goods manufacturer, Pharmaceuticals plant, Chemicals & Fertilizers plant, Cement plant, Steel Metal & Mining plant, Gold Refinery, Petrochemical Refinery, Power plant, Public Utility Company, Public & Private Ports, Electricity Boards, Realty & EPC Infrastructure company, Textile & Garment industry, FMCG company, Media Printing Press, Information Technology Centre, Multiplex Theatres chain, Large Shopping Mall, Corporate Healthcare Hospital & Corporate Business Hotels.

CNT believes in an industry with integrity and partners with companies that practice high standards of corporate governance and business ethics.
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