CNT PUBLICATION is open to consider unsolicited manuscripts of fiction and general non-fiction works in the English language.

Submission procedure :
Send soft copy of proposal by email at

♦ Do not send us submissions by post or courier.
♦ All submissions should be in Microsoft word format, double-spaced, in a large clear font. Make sure that your name and contact information is clearly typed in your cover note and on the title page of your submission.
♦ For both fiction and non-fiction we will only look at a detailed synopsis and three sample chapters (three sample stories in the case of short story collections) of the submission, so do not send us complete manuscript.
♦ It required one week to evaluate your submission. If you haven’t heard from us by then, write to us at and we will respond promptly.
♦ Note that the decision to accept or reject your proposal is CNT PUBLICATION's alone. The publication will not necessarily provide a reason should it decide not to accept your submission.
♦ Do not get in touch with us by phone or email and do not ask to meet with us while your submission is being evaluated. We will get in touch with you if we require discussing your proposal further.
♦ If your submission has been turned down, do not resubmit it. Ensure that you retain a copy of your work/submission as CNT PUBLICATION is not responsible for any loss or damage to submitted work.
♦ Submissions will not be returned irrespective of whether accepted or turned down. If turned down, we will dispose it and will not enter into any further communication whatsoever about them.
♦ If we like your proposal, we will ask you to see further material, but do not assume that your manuscript has been accepted for publication by the us, all that it means is that we would like to see the complete manuscript before taking a final decision.
♦ If we accept your manuscript, you will be formally notified by our editor and terms will then be agreed and contract signed. Until then, please note that CNT PUBLICATION cannot assume any liability whatsoever for your proposal/manuscript.

Submit your never-before published manuscript of 50,000 words or more and be considered for a publishing contract in 45 days or less. We welcome submission for English-language book in the genres: Romance, Mystery & Thriller, Science Fiction & Fantasy, and General Literature & Fiction. If chosen for publication, you receive advance of Rs. 50,000 and 25% ebook royalty rate.