Quality Policy

CNT is committed to:
    ❖ Understand customers❜ needs and accordingly design energy efficient transformer.
    ❖ Develop cost effective manufacturing technique with quality standard.
    ❖ Develop economical design to achieve highest insulation properties for transformer.
    ❖ Develop best design to manufacture transformer with longest service life.
    ❖ Understand customers❜ needs and accordingly design safe maintenance service.
    ❖ Develop cost effective maintenance service with quality standard.
    ❖ Develop economical methods to restore the properties of transformer oil.
    ❖ Develop best method to durably increase the service life of Power Transformer.
    ❖ Provide highest quality standard for Power Distribution Transformer,
            ✓ Designing
            ✓ Manufacturing
            ✓ Core construction
            ✓ Winding techniques
            ✓ Core-coil assembly
            ✓ Insulation, drying & impregnation
            ✓ Tank fabrication
            ✓ Painting
            ✓ Repair & rewinding
            ✓ Overhauling
            ✓ Oven drying
            ✓ Vacuum drying
            ✓ Nitrogen drying
            ✓ Vapor phase drying
            ✓ Maintenance
            ✓ Filtration
            ✓ Recondition
            ✓ Reclaim

Quality Objectives

CNT is strives to achieve these objectives by:
    ❖ Developing quality management process.
    ❖ Developing new design for energy efficient transformer.
    ❖ Developing new service design for maintenance of Power Transformer.
    ❖ Generating rich computerized data for various Designs of Power Transformer.
    ❖ Continually improving design & production technique with latest standards.
    ❖ Continually improving repair maintenance services with latest standards.

Our mission

CNT mission is to:
    ❖ Strengthen position in business segment through technological innovations.
    ❖ Attain the top position in industry by offering best products & services to clients.
    ❖ Be a best enterprises by continually developing,
            ✓ Design
            ✓ Quality
            ✓ Expertise
            ✓ Professionalism
            ✓ Skills