Quality Policy

CNT is committed to:
    ❖ Understand customers❜ needs and accordingly provide best analysis service.
    ❖ Provide cost effective testing service with quality standard.
    ❖ Provide accurate analysis & Interpretation of test results.
    ❖ Provide highest quality standard for,
            ✓ Testing
            ✓ Analysis
            ✓ Research
            ✓ Interpretation

Quality Objectives

CNT strives to achieve these objectives by:
    ❖ Developing quality management process.
    ❖ Developing new testing service for Analysis & Research.
    ❖ Generating rich computerized data for various Analysis & Research.
    ❖ Continually improving Testing, Analysis & Research with latest standards.

Our mission

CNT mission is to:
    ❖ Strengthen position in Testing & Analysis segment through research innovations.
    ❖ Attain the top position in industry by offering best service to client.
    ❖ Be a best enterprises by continually developing,
            ✓ Expertise
            ✓ Professionalism
            ✓ Research