About us


CNT is one of the leading Manufacturer, Contractor, Consultant, Research & Exporter established in the year 2004.

CNT is Manufacturer & Repairer of Power Transformers. CNT design, manufacture, repair & supply High Tension oil-cooled type Distribution Transformers, Current Transformers & Potential Transformers and undertake after sales service Overhauling, Maintenance & Testing. + Read More

CNT is Service Contractor for Power Transformers. CNT is Government Licensed Electrical Contractor and undertake onsite Repair, Overhauling, Maintenance & Testing of High & Extra High Tension Power Transformers up to 110KV. Since 2004, CNT has successfully carried onsite Repair, Overhauling, Maintenance & Testing of about 1500 Nos. Power Transformer ranging from 1MVA 22KV to 60MVA 220KV. CNT execute On-Line Live-line 132KV Power Transformer Oil filtration. + Read More

CNT is Engineering Design & Technical Consultant. CNT provides service of Engineering & Technical Consultancy for Power Projects installation, testing and commissioning. + Read More

CNT is Scientific & Technical Research entity. CNT provide services of Technical Testing & Analysis, Research & Experimental Development in Electrial Engineering. CNT provides service of Analysis of Insulation Condition, Winding Condition and Core-Coil Assembly Condition of Power Transformer, Distribution Transformer, Current Transformer & Potential Transformer, Analysis of Internal Fault of Power Transformer. Assessment of Remnant Life of Power Transformer. Analysis of Electrical, Chemical & Physical Properties of Transformer Oil. Assessment of Remnant Life of Transformer Oil. + Read More

CNT is Exporter of international quality products. + Read More

CNT is registered vendor, supplier, contractor & service partner to various business enterprises of Public Sector Undertaking, International business enterprises, Multinational Conglomerate company, Public Limited company & Private industries like Automobiles manufacturer, Capital Goods manufacturer, Pharmaceuticals plant, Chemicals & Fertilizers plant, Cement plant, Steel Metal & Mining plant, Gold Refinery, Petrochemical Refinery, Power plant, Public Utility Company, Public & Private Ports, Electricity Boards, Realty & EPC Infrastructure company, Textile & Garment industry, FMCG company, Media Printing Press, Information Technology Centre, Multiplex Theatres chain, Large Shopping Mall, Corporate Healthcare Hospital & Corporate Business Hotels. + Read More

CNT believe in industry with integrity and partner with companies that practice high standards of corporate governance and business ethics.